All About

Brett Williams


From as far back as I can remember, I listened carefully to music, nature and everything around me. I started to mimic sounds on my harmonica that was given to me by my great grandmother. Quickly realizing that I was able to pick it up and make some pleasant sounds. Then, came a an old keyboard and it wasn't long before my true love came along... the guitar. At thirteen, my mother bought me a plastic guitar that was fully tunable with the standard six strings.

Playing by ear was my calling.

That plastic guitar had all the strings broken but one before I started getting into it. On that string I learned quite a few melodies from recordings of tapes and the radio. Soon after, I bought my first real guitar and from then on haven't put it down. Influences like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Pink Floyd really stood out to me because of their raw, unfiltered emotions. 

At fifteen, I started playing in bands and at twenty three moved to New York City to pursue my passion of sharing the message of music. All the while my ear was growing. I enjoyed learning many styles- classical, rock, blues, ambient, jazz, funk and more. I wrote a few originals and started writing more in various styles performing in venues around the city. After five long and crucial years in the scene I came back home to family and friends to continue my journey. In Virginia, I have two albums released, several singles and videos of my work .

Everyday, I am grateful to follow my dreams to make them a reality. There are many ups and downs in life, but music has always been there for me. Performing and spreading the love of music to others is truly my niche and wouldn't change it for anything. My hope is that you will find meaning and open your heart to the vast array of music there is to intrigue the human experience.


Performance History

Queens International Night Market- NYC

Manhattan Neighborhood Network- NYC

The Grand Victory- NYC

Bitter End- NYC

Rockwood Music Hall- NYC

Pianos- NYC

The Delancey- NYC

The Way Station- NYC

Bowery Electric- NYC

Petes Candy Store- NYC

Silvana- NYC

The Shrine- NYC

Supercollider- NYC

Trash Bar- NYC

Bait & Hook- NYC

Leftfield- NYC

Fat Baby- NYC

Paddy Reilly's- NYC

Iron Bar & Lounge-NYC

WHRO Radio- VA

Hampton Roads Show- VA

Roxx TV- VA

March Of Dimes- VA

March For Babies- VA

Walk For Hope- VA

Abbey Road- VA

The Barrel Room- VA

Fairgrounds- VA

Tapped Gastropub- VA

Colley Cantina- VA

Buoy 44- VA

Captain Georges- VA

Simple Eats- VA

The Barrel Room- VA

Lucky Oyster- VA

South Beach- VA

Bodega- VA

The Bee & The Biscuit- VA

The Venue- VA

Neon Fest- VA

The Peach Festival- VA

FM Restaurant- VA

Longboards- VA

Casbys- VA

Blue Moon Waterside- VA

Hops For Hopes- VA

A Loft Hotel- VA

Croakers Spot- VA

Tap It Local- VA

Il Giardinos- VA

Fest Events Ribtoberfest- VA

American Brew- VA

Wasserhund Brewing- VA

Bearded Bird- VA

Americana Grill- VA

Oceans 14- VA


Stockley Gardens Art Fest- VA

Neon Holiday Market- VA

Studio Bamboo- VA
Yoga Nook- VA
Collective Yoga- VA

The Venue- VA

Busky's Grill- VA

Flip Flops Grill- VA

Cactus Jacks- VA

Virginia Beer Company- VA

Lagerheads- VA

Oyster Farm- VA

Harborfest- VA

Leaping Lizard- VA
Ultra Lounge- VA
Princess Anne Country Club- VA
McCormick & Schmick- VA
Copper & Oak- VA
Old Beach Tavern- VA

Aloha Snacks- VA

Tapped Crafthouse- VA

Spirit Of Norfolk- VA

Wild Wing Cafe- VA

Winstons Raw Bar- VA

Hoss's Deli- VA

Passion- VA

Decent People- VA

Ballyhoos- VA

Lockside- VA

Decoys- VA

The Shanty- VA

East Beach Art Fest- VA

Brick Anchor- VA

Bridge Church- VA

Grace Church- VA

Makers Craft- VA

Oozlefinch Brewery- VA 

James River Country Club- VA

Warwick Yacht Club- VA

And More